Is a new concrete driveway on the cards for you? Perhaps a new patio for entertaining guests, a path to improve access to areas on your property or maybe you’re looking to lay a brand new concrete foundation slab for construction. Whatever your reason is, being able to determine an estimate for how much concrete you’re going to need, and its cost, is a vital part of determining your budget so that you can begin your project.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

This is why we’ve put together this concrete cost calculator for your convenience. In order to calculate the costs for any project that needs concrete to be poured, the total volume of concrete is required. In New Zealand, concrete volume is measured in cubic meters, or m3. This concrete calculator will allow you to do so by multiplying the width, length and depth of the area to determine this figure.

Once overall volume has been calculated, the price can then be adjusted in relation to which style of concrete foundation you’re after – our state-of-the-art RibRaft and Xpod systems, or a conventional concrete slab.

Concrete Calculator NZ

Whether you’re using this as a full slab or concrete driveway cost calculator, we hope it assists in you beginning to plan out your budget for your project. It should be noted that this is just an estimate, and we recommend getting in contact with the team at Build2 for an accurate quote.

Be sure to see the advantages of using our industry leading Xpod and RibRaft systems if you’re looking to pour a foundation slab.

Concrete Calculator


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