X-Pod Raft Foundations

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Introducing XPod, the revolutionary sustainable foundation system.

20 years ago, Firth engineered Ribraff floors in New Zealand.  Jump forward to today and Ribraft has become the most popular foundations in the country. XPod stands as the next generation of this technology. X-Pod provides installers, designers and homeowners a more sustainable foundation option. Unlike  standard Ribraft floors that use polystyrene block components, XPods are constructed from recycled materials. This means that they are 100% recyclable and produce zero landfill waste. Furthermore, they are highly effective in expansive soil, where stiffness and strength is key. Strong, solid, and sustainable. XPod is the future of foundations.

But what about the installation? Is there a downside? Quite the opposite. -Pods reduce labour costs due to their improved engineering. They are light, weighing in at only 3kg per a pod, making them easy for individuals to handle and place. The pods are designed to be stacked, allowing them to take up a small amount of space when transported. In fact, for a house that is 180sqm, all the pods are able to be transported on a single axle trailer. Couple this with a product that is engineered around easy installation and you have a system that will significantly reduce labour and equipment costs.

The XPod system fits  any size foundation, and installation is quicker and simpler than a standard polystyrene floor. Steel rods simply just click into the pods and self-lock. This makes it not only an easier installation, but reduces the amount of steel tiles required. The XPod also often uses less concrete in most cases.

It can be used on a sloping site (with an engineers approval) as well as being compatible with decretive concrete finishes.

Jamie and the team at Build2 are highly experienced concrete specialists that are proficient in XPod installation. If you are after shorter build times combined with a sustainable solution and wish to find out what the Build2 team can do for you, then get in contact with us today.

What is a TC rating?

TC1 is where future land damage from liquefaction is unlikely. Standard residential foundation assessment and construction is appropriate. TC2 is where liquefaction damage is possible in future significant earthquakes. Shallow ground investigations may be required when repairing or replacing foundations.

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