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If there’s one thing Build2 is known for, it is our adoption of the latest in foundational technologies that have proven themselves in the market. We are scholars of the foundation sector, applying our experience to master new and improved systems so that we can continue to offer industry leading services to whatever project comes our way. Build2 ensures that your foundations play their role in future-proofing your building.

In the past, New Zealanders have neglected the importance of insulation in their homes. Thankfully, in more recent years, our country has become more aware of the detriments a badly insulated home has on our health, comfort, and a home’s overall energy efficiency. With this in mind, MaxRaft was developed, fully insulated foundation slabs designed specifically to increase your home’s insulation and efficiency from the ground up.

MaxRaft Slabs are made out of thermally broken but fully insulated concrete.These slabs act as a thermostat for your home, preventing temperature fluctuations that are common with other types of foundations. By stabilising the temperature in your home, your home is less susceptible to mould growth, creating a healthier environment to live in. Couple this with the lowered cost to keep your home temperature controlled and Maxraft earns its place as a highly recommended, future-proof, foundation solution.

While you can change almost any other feature of your house, you can’t change your foundation. MaxRaft is perfect for any new home build, with earthquake ratings that are triple the legal requirements, and long term savings to be made in regards to your household energy consumption.

The MaxRaft system comes in two varieties, the 250mm MaxSlab and the 320 /400mm MaxRaft.

For the MaxSlab, the polystyrene insulation is configured in the shape of a jigsaw in order to make installation a simple process. This system reduces onsite waste to a tremendous extent as any offcuts that are left over can be taken off site to be recycled. The Maxraft system includes pre-cut corners, meaning the installation of a MAxraft edge profile is simple and efficient. The only cutting required is to make space for any ground drains that need to run though the depth of the foundation. Once the ground has been compacted and leveled, the boxing that surrounds the perimeter of the foundation will be set up. From here, the perimeter footings can be laid up against the inside of the box. The infil and load bearings thickenings are placed using the parameter as a base. Going forwards it is just a matter of following the panelplace plan to see where each specific piece needs to be placed. Finally, steel and concrete are installed as per the engineers specification.

There is some slight deviation in the manner in which the MaxRaft is installed. It’s design uses a POD layout, so additional time is required to cut the pods to size onsite.However, due to it’s POD system, it requires less concrete than traditional foundation systems, often only requiring a single pour for the entire foundation. Typically a 200m2 foundation would take approximately 5 days to pour, and the MAxRaft cost per m2 is around $130+GST for individual builds. MaxRaft prices may vary based on the design of the foundation you are looking to build.

Build2 are Auckland’s highly experienced concrete foundation specialists, and one of the top MaxRaft installation companies. Our team is well versed in all the latest technologies and solutions for foundations. Well equipped and highly knowledgeable, get in contact with the team at Build2 today to discuss the best plan of attack for your construction project’s foundation.

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