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When it comes to any building project, you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to your concrete foundation.You want high quality workmanship, fast efficient build times, and a high quality foundation that you can trust. Jamie and the team at Build2 are Auckland’s premier concrete specialists. We are sticklers for details and make sure that your project is done right the first time, every time. Build2 specialises in New Zealand’s most widely used and trusted solutions for residential and light commercial building foundations. Build2 are experts in designing and laying conventional concrete slabs, as well as the installation of Ribraft and XPod systems.

Whatever your concrete needs are, get in touch with Jamie and the team at Build2. We can guide you on the best solution for your next building project.

What is the RibRaft system?

RibRaft is one of the most common and popular concrete flooring solution in New Zealand. It can be used on building sites where the soil is weak. Additional to this, it is often a cost effective method as the speed of construction reduces labour costs. This is due to its innovative design using components that simply fit together. Unlike conventional methods that distribute weight over small zones (like individual footings) or at individual points (like pile foundations), RibRaft disturbs the weight of a structure over the entire area of a building. This provides greater “seismic strength”, while also providing top notch insulation.

What is the XPod System?
Xpod is the next generation of RibRaft. It swaps out the polystyrene components of the RibRaft system for light, easy-to-handle pods. Weighing in at only 3kg a pod, all the pods for a 180sqm home are able to be transported on a single trailer, further reducing the requirement to hire additional equipment for transportation. On top of this, when Firth designed the XPod system, they had one big goal in mind. Sustainability. All pods are made from 100% recycled materials, reducing landfill waste while simultaneously speeding up construction time.

So get in contact with Jamie and his expert team at Build2 today. From design, to execution, we can advise you on the correct concrete and foundation solution for your next building project.

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